Hi there! My name is Sage Avalon and I'm an indie-pop musician from San Diego, California. This is my only official merch store where you can find apparel, stickers, and posters.

I am a small, independent artist, and each purchase goes a long way to fund future creative projects and promote my art! I appreciate each and every contribution.

If you want to support me financially, but don't see anything you like in the store, please consider downloading something from my BandCamp, as it has the highest profit margin for me. I am grateful for the support you guys give me!


My stickers are made using Sticker Mule and my apparel and posters are fulfilled with Printiful. If you have any additional questions regarding the materials used for my merch, check out their sites here:

Sticker Mule Website

Printiful Website

If your order is running late, your product arrives damaged or you have any other issues, feel free to email me at sagecavalon@gmail.com and I will do my best to take care of your concerns. I usually check my email every day.


The return policy for Printiful can be foundĀ here. That covers all apparel and posters. For stickers, email me and I will get you sorted out.

Printiful uses print-on-demand which prevents overstocking and wasting materials, but it does mean a slightly longer time to create the product and ship it out to you.